Information Technologies & Material Science

  • Avisere: Video Analytics and Human Detection [SOLD TO STRONGWATCH 2012]



  • Bourque Industries: Ballistic armor plates developed from a proprietary new metal called Kryron [OTC: BORK]


  • clear2thereClear2There: Clear2there offers “Internet-of-Things” (IOT) products and services, specializing on the IOT Business sector.  They focus on partnering with over (170) Tier 2 and Tier 3 telecom providers to help them package, merchandise and sell a whole range of IOT Business products to their millions of customers.


  • DarkPulse Technologies: Optic fiber sensing technology which allows real-time location-sensitive awareness of temperature and strain in mining, oil/gas and water pipeline applications


  • EquiSight: Changing the horse-racing business, by providing real-time views to the audience from eachjockey in the race


  • FlexxCoach: The leader in e-learning solutions for youth sports


  • FlyPaper: Flash presentations without programming [ACQUIRED BY TRIVANTIS CORP 2011]



  •  LabTrack: Proprietary RFID tracking system for lab tests


  • Mobile Authentication Corp (MAC): Proprietary, Out-of-Band, OTP (“one-time password” system) for verification of commerce and financial transactions


  • image005NetWorth Services, Inc: The leader in “cost-basis analysis” for equities, bonds, real estate. Automatically calculates historical security changes due to stock splits, mergers, dividend reinvestments and every other possible cost basis adjustment. Used by large financial institutions worldwide including U.S. Federal Reserve System, universities and endowments, mutual funds, government tax agencies, accounting firms shareholder services companies, and money managers.


  • Octopi: Makers of PoxNora video game. [ACQUIRED BY SONY ONLINE JANUARY 2009]



  • StrongWatch: Video Surveillance



  • image011AgriTrak Systems: AgriTrak™ leverages decades of cattle industry experience and close collaborations with animal behaviourists, veterinarians, feedlot operators, universities and meat producers to address animal tracking and food supply chain safety issues. It’s a turnkey livestock tracking and behavioral analysis system that delivers unprecedented visibility into the entire meat food chain.

  • BioWheat/Worldwide Wheat: creating new, non-GMO wheat varieties to address diseases like obesity, diabetes, highblood pressure high cholestoral and Celiacs disease [DOW AGROSCIENCES COLLABORATION: JUNE 2009]
  • DEmeterDemeter Bio-stimulants: Commercializes the proprietary N-Fusion Bio‐stimulant System™ which enriches soil to produce more abundant and higher quality crops with reduced farming costs.  Enhances and protect crops, rejuvenates degraded land, by delivering desirable nutrient and trace elements. Positioned to be the dominant market supplier of naturally produced humus which is known as the foundational element of productive soil.
  • NuvoMed: Healthcare device for emergency disimpaction


  • LifeBot: Patented telemedicine solutions for emergency and disaster management


  • Medipacs: Liquid medicine infusion device


  • Medsphere: OpenVista, world-class Patient Record System based on VA Hospital System’s Vista software


  • MSDx: Powerful panel of biomarkers for Multiple Sclerosis



Operating Companies

  • image017GibTan Products offering Decon7:  Originally developed for the Department of Defense, Decon7 (D7) offers environmentally friendly two part, non-toxic, non-corrosive decontaminant engineered to neutralize the world’s greatest chemical and biological threats. After over $39 million invested in development and testing, we found a way to tailor this military engineered product to cater to the needs of other industries. The FBI and numerous other law enforcement, fire, EMS, and HAZMAT teams across the country use D7 for cleanup operations at crime scenes to neutralize bodily fluids and hazardous chemicals used in the production of methamphetamine labs. disaster clean up companies use D7 for mold remediation after flooding & storm damage and we have also found D7 to be extremely effective in helping control & prevent avian flu outbreaks in poultry farms across the US.  Offers up to a seven log reduction, effectively eliminates 99.99999% of all bacteria, viruses, spores, molds, and chemical & biological hazards. It neutralizes both vegetative and non-vegatative spores (gram negative and gram positive bacteria). Unlike alternate disinfectants, Decon7’s intelligent chemistry chemically cleaves the spore wall then neutralizes the mycotoxin inside. It also changes the osmotic pressure around the cell, which causes an imbalance in the internal cellular pressure resulting in the total collapse of the cellular membrane. It is non-flammable, contains zero VOCs, is biodegradable, and leaves behind a non-toxic pH neutral residual barrier that prevents regrowth.



  • Idealab: Technology Operating Company


  • Solstice Capital: Venture Capital Fund

Building fast-growth technology companies